Arch. Claudio Nurchis (Rome, 13/10/1968)

opens in 1997, with RDM-Studio, his office in Via Catalana 5, Roma, where he develops and consolidates his professional and research activity, and through the participation in various design competitions, with either RDM Studio, with either M+3N group co-founded with Massimo Motolese, Stefano Nicita and Andrea Nonni.

Over the years the professional activity covers various areas, from the residential transformation, the public works, passing between various specific sectors of the project and the construction too, also under the security side, including the importance of an approach more sensitive in consideration to the environmental compatibility, that he will realize with the bio-architectural course organized by ANAB (Associazione Nazionale di Architettura Bioecologica).

From the 2012, the Arch. Claudio Nurchis tresferred the office in

Circonvallazione Gianicolense 248a, Rome, with the architects Humberto Di Giuseppe, Paolo Giorgi and Fabrizio Massimi.



2012                                                                Roma

Refresher Cours (40 hours) for security coordination in the building area (D.Lgs. 81/08),

2006-2007                                                        Roma

Course of Bio-ecological Architecture at ANAB association, module A (92 hours)

module B (88 hours).

2003                                                                Roma

Qualification for security coordination in the building area (D.lgs 494/96).

2000-2001                                                        Parigi

CEAA - Advanced course in "théories et projets de l'architecture", Ecole d'Architecture de Paris "la Villette", prof. J.Boulet,. Research project: "The “grands ensembles”  policies and rehabilitations interventions in the Paris suburbs".

1998                                                                Roma

Advanced course in “Theories of  Architecture” at Architect Faculty of “La Sapienza University of Rome”.

1997                                                                Roma

Registration at Rome Architects Order, n°11959

1996                                                                Roma

Architecture Degree, structural address, at “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

Thesis title: “Project of a bridge over the Tevere river at Porto Fluviale “


circonvallazione gianicolense_248a 00152_roma       tel:+39.069374280


circonvallazione gianicolense_248a 00152_roma       tel:+39.0693374280